Shivaley Rana

Eastern Western Spring/ Summer 16/17

Eastern Western Spring/ Summer 16/17

Eastern Western Spring/ Summer 16/17

Eastern Western Spring/ Summer 16/17

Shivani Passion Boutique- Eastern Western Spring/ Summer 16/17


‘Shivani Passion Boutique’ is based on a small business where the designer Shivaley Rana and her team aspire to launch a concession in Selfridge stores, to showcase a unique style that has not yet been discovered in Selfridge, where western meets eastern. 

The whole idea is to create Men’s and Women’s formal wear for Spring/Summer 16/17. This collection would have a different effect within Selfridge, as a customer in Selfridge always wants to see something different and unique. At present research shows that there is no eastern wear within the store and this concession would want to introduce a whole new tradition on the high street. A small casual range will also be designed within the collection.  

My inspiration comes from two generations of tailors which started their dream in a small town of Gujarat in India. The second generation, who is my father was inspired for his dream to come true by moving to Bahrain and then passing into the UK by building a career in a tailoring boutique called ‘Shivani Tailoring Boutique’.

By following my fathers inspiration my parents have always encouraged me to 'always follow my dreams and never give up’, taking these words into heart I followed my grandfather’s and father’s footstep to make our dreams come true.

As an upcoming fashion designer I want to inspire others to follow their dreams and become something amazing by following their dreams. 

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